Fallston Recreation Cheerleading


About Us...

Fallston Cheerleading is a wonderful recreation program for new and experienced cheerleaders, ages 3-18 years old. Our volunteers take pride in focusing the organization around cooperation, self confidence, respect, great friendships and all of the important foundations of cheerleading. We support the Fallston football players by cheering at games and also participate in many local competitions.


Basic Program Information:

Our program's age groups are determind based on registration numbers, there are teams available to accomodate children ages 3-18 years old.
(up to 25 children allowed on each team unless otherwise noted.)

We are also offering a Cougar Cub Cheer Clinic for ages 3-4, the cost will be $100! This is a beginner program that serves as an introduction to cheerleading.  Practice will be once a week starting in August and ending mid-October. The clinic team will not compete but will cheer at football games!

Teams are divided by the age groups above, however children must be- 3 years old (as of July 1st of the current season and potty trained) up to 18 years old (as of August 1st of the current season)

Teams may be removed if there is not enough interest for that age division.

No experience is required to join.


Cheerleading is a true TEAM sport. Those who have been with us know the importance of the team working together towards a common goal. Due to the commitment level of this sport we want you to read through the info included in this email to know what is expected from you as well as what you should expect from US. If you feel this is too much of a commitment, please reconsider participating in this sport because cheerleading at any level requires true dedication from the athlete and their guardians. 


Attendance is a huge factor in this sport. All athletes are assigned a position and if anyone is absent it affects the whole team. There is no "bench" in cheerleading, every cheerleader has a role. We have rules and policies in place to protect those that follow them and so those that do not can be disciplined. Please consider this when scheduling vacations and events. Absence can affect your child's ability to compete. 

Our program is 100% volunteer driven. Most of us are/were cheer parents just like you and jumped in to make a positive impact in the program and the community. We all receive coach skills training as well as CPR, first aid and concussion training - however, we aren't professionals and appreciate your understanding and respect as we do our best to keep your child safe and their team successful, all while they have a great experience. Please communicate any concerns before they become an issue and know we will do our best to address them as fair as possible. With your cooperation we can all be at our best! 


If you are interested in donating some time and energy to help & encourage a positive atmosphere, please inquire. Good, dedicated help is always appreciated and hard to come by!