Fallston Recreation Cheerleading



Fall 2018 Registration is over...

Our Competitive Season is up next!

Go to: fallstonrec.siplay.com to register

Those heading to or in High School, this will be an amazing chance for you to practice and prep for try outs! 

Limited spaces, so if you're interested sign up today! Go here for more info and to sign up http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4caaaa2cabfc1-cheer

This action packed, fast paced season is not only demanding but also very rewarding when families understand the full commitment. We are looking to make this the best season yet! 

Our Competitive Cheer Season runs from January - April/May and is open to ALL children in our program. We are opening the season further to children ages 8 & up, whether they were in our Fall program or not. So if you have friends outside of our program that are interested, they are welcome to come to evaluations! 

For the younger ages, we would like to stick within our program since we know their skills and maturity level better. If you are unsure whether your child may be ready for this season, please ask their coach.

 OPEN Registration ends 11/18/18

Register here: 


FallstonRec.SiPlay.com - Choose Cougars Competitive Cheer 2019


Financial Requirements:

  • The total registration fee is $395 - this includes competition fees & Choreo Clinic (and much more)! 
  • $100 is due at the time you register.  
  • The remaining balance is DUE by 12/15/18 - You will know if your child is placed prior to this time and will not be charged if there is not enough interest for a team.

A sibling discount of 10% off the registration fee is available for siblings that live in the same household.

PAYMENT PLANS are available...However, even if your child quits before the season ends, you still owe this money, we pay in advance for competitions and many other fees so we will need your payments to pay the bills!


Mandatory Apparel items are:

  • Spankies- $15 
  • 2018 Fall Season warm up suit (the one they wore for fall 2019)- (approx. $70 if you need to purchase)
  • Nike Sideline OR Nfinity Cheer shoes (prices vary)

(We will send links to order)



We will host multiple program fundraisers and ask that you participate as much as possible. The profit earned will help to pay fees for items not covered in your registration costs. We do try to cover as much as we can for you!

If you are interested in fundraising towards your fee, please let us know. We will do our best to offer options if there is enough interest. Otherwise, if you need to make payments on your account - let us know as well.

If we vote to attend a "Final" competition, there will be additional fees.



When doing placements, the greatest success of the entire program is priority one.  In order to offer teams a successful season, we need to take into account the SKILL level of each athlete. We also look at their attendance record (including lateness), maturity, as well as attitude of each athlete and parent towards a team commitment & atmosphere.  Based on this information as well as the overall amount of registrations received, we will determine the number of teams and which levels we will have.  Options include 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U. (We will have a maximum of 3 teams but in no way guarantee 3 teams). 

In order to make our teams competitive with others in their division, as well as make it fair for each child in combination with their team the athletes will be evaluated on cheer skills such as: stunting, tumbling, jumps, dance & cheer and placed on a team that best fits their abilities. The girls will not be held back from progressing within their level, they will be able to master the skills they have in a comfortable and safe atmosphere as well as learn new skills that are within the level they are placed. Our coaches will be qualified and expected to provide proper instruction for the girls to progress in the sport. Your child will become a stronger more solid athlete who can personally improve for the following season. 


**IMPORTANT** If you feel you or your child may not be satisfied with placement on a certain level team or with/without certain team mates or coaches, please reconsider registering, once you pay, you will not be refunded that money because you aren’t happy with placement (only refunded if your child DOESN’T get placed) and by not fulfilling your intended commitment - the teams numbers will decline and can possibly cause a team to fold. If there is not enough interest in a certain age group or level, and we can’t field a team that is a good fit for your child, we will refund your money.



This is mandatory - The tentative dates are 12/7/18 & 12/9/18. More info to come as soon as we have confirmation on space.


Practice Schedule: 

Teams will practice 2 days per week. Days will be assigned once teams are determined. On occasion, you may have a 3rd day of practice during the week leading up to a competition.  

A mandatory Choreography Clinic is included FREE in your fee. The tentative date is 12/15 or 12/16.

Attendance & punctuality to practice is necessary.  Cheerleaders must have transportation to and from practices/events. Carpools are great but please do not depend on other parents or coaches to transport your child. Attendance is enforced & demerits issued at a faster pace than Fall season to keep things fair for those that ARE following attendance rules. 


*Competition Schedule: 

2/17 - Maryland Madness at Showplace Arena
3/9 - Chesapeake Championship at HCC 
3/23 - Bash for Cash at Atlantic City - weekend stay
4/6 -  The One at VA Beach (tentative on bid) - weekend stay
4/6 - Blue Crab Classic at HCC - (if no bid)
4/13 - The Showcase at Showplace Arena

Winning a bid (paid or otherwise) does not guarantee participation in the event. Our board will decide based on what's best for the team at the time. We take many details into consideration and parents will be consulted before committing IF we vote to go.

*Please note that competitions require travel, each child must have transportation and be accompanied by an adult while traveling. Most competitions are within 45 - 90min (some closer!), however there may be a couple that require a hotel stay, which will be at your cost.


We hope to see many of you sign up! This season is so worth it!