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Fall 2018 Registration is over...

Check out our Competitive Season Page!

Go to: fallstonrec.siplay.com to register

Those heading to or in High School, this will be an amazing chance for you to practice and prep for try outs! 

Limited spaces, so if you're interested sign up today! Go here for more info and to sign up http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4caaaa2cabfc1-cheer


This is a lot of info...I'm trying to keep it short and easy to read but there is a lot to share. Please read through and contact Nikki Day @ FallstonRecCheer@yahoo.com if you have questions. Please rest assured, we will guide you and remind you of important deadlines and information throughout the season. You don't have to remember everything all at once! We pride ourselves on good communication and being organized and want you to have a great experience. 



As most of you know, Cheerleading is a true TEAM sport. Those returning know the importance of the team working together towards a common goal. Due to the commitment level of this sport we want you to read through the info included in this email to know what is expected from you as well as what you should expect from US. If you feel this is too much of a commitment, please reconsider participating in this sport because cheerleading at any level requires true dedication from the athlete and their guardians. We do have the option to be a sideline cheerleader, they do not compete and do not have to attend as many practices. If you are considering this option, please email FallstonRecCheer@yahoo.com for details, this option would only cost $100. 

Attendance is a huge factor in this sport. All athletes are assigned a position and if anyone is absent it affects the whole team. There is no "bench" in cheerleading, every cheerleader has a role. We have rules and policies in place to protect those that follow them and so those that do not can be disciplined. Our attendance policy can be viewed in full in the rules section of our website fallstoncheer.webs.com. Please consider this when scheduling vacations and events. Absence can affect your child's ability to compete. 

Our program is 100% volunteer driven. Most of us are/were cheerleaders or cheer parents just like you and jumped in to make a positive impact in the program and the community. We all receive coach skills training as well as CPR, first aid and concussion training - however, we aren't professionals and appreciate your understanding and respect as we do our best to keep your child safe and their team successful, all while they have a great experience. If we come across an issue on the mat that we don't feel qualified to handle, or if we need help teaching a skill - we do reach out to experts in the industry. We do our best to make our teams successful and FUN! Please communicate any concerns you may have before they become an issue and know we will do our best to address them as fair as possible. With your cooperation we can all be at our best! 

This year we are interested in adding some volunteers to our program, so if you or someone you know is interested, please contact Nikki at FallstonRecCheer@yahoo.com. We send any new coaches to training so they are up to par with the rules and expectations of cheerleading in the competitive world.

If you are interested in donating some time and energy to help with program activities & encourage a positive atmosphere, please inquire. Good, dedicated help is always appreciated and hard to come by!


Total Registration fee is $225. $50 Is due at registration.
The remainder ($50 for Cubs & $175 for all others) is due by 8/15/18.
There is an additional fee of $50 for the Choreo Camp - DUE 8/31/18
All but the $50 initial registration fee can be fundraised for. 
Total Registration fee is $225. $50 Is due at registration.
The remainder ($50 for Cubs & $175 for all others) is due by 8/15/18.
There is an additional fee of $50 for the Choreo Camp - DUE 8/31/18
All but the $50 initial registration fee can be fundraised for. 

Total Registration fee is $225. $50 Is due at registration. The remainder ($50 for Cubs & $175 for all others) is due by 8/15/18. There is an additional fee of $50 for the Choreo Camp - DUE 8/31/18

The remainder ($50 for Cubs & $175 for all others) is due by 8/15/18.
There is an additional fee of $50 for the Choreo Camp - DUE 8/31/18

All but the $50 initial registration fee can be fundraised for. 

The remainder ($50 for Cubs & $175 for all others) is due by 8/15/18.
There is an additional fee of $50 for the Choreo Camp - DUE 8/31/18All but the $50 initial registration fee can be fundraised for. Open Registration (for ALL cheerleaders) – Begins ONLINE March 1, 2018, at NOON! It will CLOSE March 8, 2018 and will only reopen if there is availability on the teams. This info will also be posted on our website and facebook page.

*All past balances must be paid up to date in our system in order for your registration to be valid*

To register follow these easy steps:
1. Click on https://fallstonrec.siplay.com/

2. Either sign in or register your child if you do not have an account.

3. Click on Cheerleading/FALL Cheerleading 2018 or Cubs Cheerleading (for ages 3-5)

4. Complete the registration process.

5. Pay at least $50 online by credit card.

Remainder of fee is due (after fundraising profits are applied) on 8/15/18.

We will evaluate cheerleaders before placements and be sure each TEAM has their best opportunity to be successful. Evaluations are done to find which team is the best fit for your child. They will be expected to show us their stunting & tumbling ability, even if your child has little to no tumbling skills, we can still have a spot for them! If they are brand new to cheering we will teach them to stunt and evaluate their potential. It is required for ALL cheerleaders to attend (new and returning) except for those registering for the Cub team and those currently participating on a team.

If you cannot make the date listed and do not contact us to try and make alternate arrangements, we will assume your child is not interested in participating. Remember, there are no refunds unless we are unable to place your child on a team. 

EVALUATION INFO: Info Coming soon! This will be held in early April, we will confirm by email, with those that register.

You will receive notification of team placement by April 20th. 

We do have a few new coaches preparing to join us and we are super excited to get them on board! Sadly, we will also be saying goodbye to some great coaches. We have NOT assigned coaches for the 2018 season yet. We will not fill coaching positions until we have confirmed teams. That way coaches know which team (age group) they would like to coach for.

Fees, Fundraisers, and apparel:

The total Cheerleader fee is $225 ($100 for Cubs).

You must pay at least $50 at time of registration. The remainder of your fee (if any, after fundraising) MUST be paid by 8/15/18. 

We will have multiple fundraisers to help YOU pay your fees. They are optional! More info to come!


- We will also host a "spirit night" at local restaurants once a month from April to November. We will share details as we get them. These are important to earn money for our program and to also socialize with other cheerleaders and their families and friends! Please join us as much as possible.

The balance of your child's Cheerleader Fee (up to $175) & Choreo (camp) which costs $50 ($65 after 8/31) and $30 for Cubs ($45 after 8/31). 

You must order the following mandatory apparel. (Cubs are only required to purchase spankies and plain white shoes, other items are optional)
· Warm-up suit (2016 or newer version)
· Nike or Nfinity Cheer shoes
· Spankies
We will send ordering info once placements are complete.

For shoes & warm ups, you can check out the "Fallston Cheer Swap" group on Facebook for gently used items at a discount or sometimes free!

Mark your calendars and avoid booking vacations...

* The season will run August through November with some practices in May and June.

* Practice: We may hold 2 - 3 practices from MAY to JUNE before school is out. These will be important for conditioning and learning level appropriate stunt skills. You will have off the remainder of June and July…then practices will pick up the first week of August. 

* Specific team schedules will be sent out with placements. We plan to get UP TO 8 hours of practice in each week in August until school starts. Once school starts we will practice 4-6 hours per week. 6U will not practice more than 2 hours each week.

* Choreography Camp will be September 8th & 9th - this is mandatory and there is an additional fee to cover costs of camp, which can be fundraised for prior to the payment due date. 

* We will compete in at least 3 competitions, in October, November and/or December. Dates are not available yet. We will keep you posted! 

* We will cheer for our Rec football teams, mostly home games. Schedule comes out mid August. We don't get the schedule until maybe a week before so please be patient and rest assured we will share the info as we receive it. 

If you do already have a vacation booked during the season, please let your coach know as soon as you are assigned to a team, so they can plan practices accordingly.



We plan to concentrate on our main goal, which is to offer a high quality program which teaches and encourages not only exciting, athletic cheerleading skills that focus on a healthy and active lifestyle but also teaches important life values beyond personal gain and life lessons that will stick with them for a lifetime. Outside of the physical qualities we inspire values such as responsibility, commitment, determination & confidence (to name a few) as well as prepare our athletes for high school cheerleading which has become very competitive. 
We encourage a family atmosphere with support and cooperation between parents, coaches and athletes working together to be successful.


We are all looking forward to an exciting and successful NEW season...Please be sure to “like” us on Facebook "Fallston Rec Cheerleading" for info and updates! Each team will also have their own Facebook group.